What Is A Processor In A Computer


What Is A Processor In A Computer

Processor is the Brain

The processor is also known as the CPU, which are the instructions that drive the computer. It is the (Brains) of the computer. This also has been called the microprocessor. The function mainly is responsible for processing and doing computer operations.

To identify the processor is done by two main ways. How wide and how fast.

The speed of the cpu is measured in MHz which stands for megahertz. Millions of cycles per second, and we all know faster is a lot more superior!

The width is in three specifications, which are Inter2nal registers, Data input and output bus and the Memory address bus.

Internal registers:

Is an instruction to a computer/processor by a computer program.

Data input/output bus:

Input: take the keyboard and the mouse is where you input data. This operation is inputting data.

  • performs a series of transforming input information into and output.

Output: is a visual, perception of the brain’s ability to understand what the hands are feeling.

Memory address bus: is the software and hardware, for the computer storage memory.


Quad-core Processor

(IC) integrated circuit, quad-core is with four
independent units which are called cores that read the CPU. They read with other circuits and
memory management. With these quad-cores,

they run multiple instructions at the same time. The overall speed increases programs/data. The four independent cores are designed, all in one package. Therefore, placed into the motherboard CPU socket.

Multi-core Processor

The multi-core is two or more processors that are concurrent multi-cores for enhanced performance, and to reduce power consumption as well as being more efficient. This is a single physical processor which contains two or more

processors. These processors are also known as the IC, and called dies, that multiple dies packed together. Multi-core enables your system to achieve more assignments with a greater long-term system performance.



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