What I think about building your own CPU

About DonnaHello, everybody, All I can say is WOW what an accomplishment! My build your own cpu is done, it took me a little while because I was writing my documentation or instructions so everybody could be able to have the same impression of the accomplishment that I do. I really do enjoy being able to build something with my own hands.


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4 thoughts on “What I think about building your own CPU”

  1. Brittanie Semper says:

    Wow! This was awesome. I honestly just started looking into how to build my own computer and this was honestly one of the best step-by-steps I’ve come across. I feel more confident now trying to put my own computer together.


    1. Donna says:

      Thank you very much, I do appreciate your comment. I enjoy helping others. As well as making life easy. This would definitely would be the most helpful to explain to build your own computer. Donna

  2. Moon says:

    Hi there, I really love your website with the clear instructions and the pictures. I have tried building my own PC before and I find it quite a nightmare when I thought I have done everything correctly and somehow somewhere went wrong. I do know the feeling of feeling pride when you see your PC booting up and running smoothly after all the hard work! Would like to see more troubleshooting tips on your website, thanks!

    1. Donna says:

      Thank you, Moon, for the awesome review. I am working on a troubleshooting page, or should I say I will be working on that. I appreciated you letting me know that tips are defiantly an asset to the instructions. Truly sorry you had issues when you built yours. Yes, I enjoy helping people and the feeling of pride is awesome. Wished my instructions were here when you built yours. Once again Thank You, Donna

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