The Purpose of the Motherboard


Central Communication Connection Point The Brain


The motherboard is designed for different types of components, for instance, each manufacturer of the motherboard must take the same manufacturer of the processor. Let us say you purchased AMD (Advance Micro Device) motherboard, then the processor must also be a certain AMD (Advance Micro Device) component. Also, the RAM (random access memory) is another specific type. Users can often upgrade some components, but will eventually need to upgrade to a newer motherboard.


The scenario would be the opposite if you had an Intel Motherboard.  It would be Do not use on the AMD processor instead of the Intel.  Note, it is specific types as well not just the manufacturer.  As I mentioned above the RAM also is another specific type.


Remember while the motherboard in this scenario was using the AMD, another component that wasn’t mentioned is the Chassis itself. Therefore when you purchase the motherboard you’re going to want it to line up in the chassis itself.  So you would want to get an AMD atx board.  For instance, let’s say we want to go with an intel atx motherboard, then everything would have to be wrapped around the Intel specifications.  Well, I hope I didn’t confuse you more. Lol!


Before I leave you I wanted to clarify The Purpose of the Motherboard.  While motherboards are claimed to be the “Brains” of the computer, they do nothing but provide power and providing connections on their own.  The PCB (printed circuit board) will not function without all the other components installed. Registered & Protected