Power Supply

This page is where I will be talking about the placement of the power supply. This will be your second step in building your own cpu.


The Power Supply will also come with your harnesses that are needed to plug into the motherboard, as well as your components. Count the components that you are inserting into the chassis, as well as the type of power plugs it will be taken. For instinct this unit we are using a hard drive and a CD-RW DVD drive. The two drives are called SATA, therefore you will need the power plugs for those. They will need two a piece, one for power and the other for data. The reason I explain that is some power supply’s come with extra harnesses for an add-on. Now you can leave them to plug in or you may unplug them so you don’t have so many unused wires that need to be all tied up neatly at the end. It’s up to you, please don’t lose the other harnesses in case you want to add on at a later date.

Insert the power supply through the inside of the chassis with the face facing out. Sometimes it comes with the mounting hardware if so use them for mounting it. Put one screw on one side while holding it up to get it started, do not tighten until you get the others started. Install the other three screws going diagonally. Once you got all four in, snug them do not over tighten.


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