On this page, I will be discussing the population and placement of the most important component of the unit. First and most important, STATIC ELECTRICITY!

Wherever you may be touching the motherboard, make sure you are grounded. You will note that most of your components arrive in a black static electricity bag. Therefore when you remove this from its bag, unless you have a grounding mat be sure to set the ATX, AMD motherboard on the bag. If you don’t try and keep the motherboard from the exposure to static, it may or may not get zapped. Like I said earlier why to take the chance when it could kill the board.

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Installing the PCB (printed circuit board) into the chassis can be done in two ways. First of all, this is going to be your third step in the process.

You may install the PCB (motherboard) directly into the chassis, or you may install some of its components on the PCB first. In my experience, I have found it easier to install some of the components first.

  1. Place the PCB on top of the static bag, as the face is facing to the left of you.
  2. Unpack the AMD processor, You will be installing this AMD am3 processor into the motherboards am3 socket. NOTE: polarity on the AMD processor and the PCB motherboard socket. Also be sure to raise the arm on the socket first, then once you got it in place pull the arm down and lock it in place.
  3. Using the standard heat sink that comes with the processor, there should be some compound on the bottom of it. Try very hard not to misaligned the heatsink/fan to the processor. This is pretty important to have the processor evenly cover and smooth. Don’t panic if you don’t get it the first time. Simply take and old credit card or something like that to smooth it out. Try not to loose too much of the thermal compound, if so you may purchase some at the time you purchase your parts or maybe your friends or family may have some left over.  Line up the arms that clamp down over the processor on both sides, once you got them in place just pull the arms down to tighten. Once again while you are doing this be sure to hold it in place so it doesn’t slide off.
  4. Now we are going to be installing the memory into the printed circuit board. You will notice that on the PCB that there are two connectors for the memory chips. See the middle or almost middle that there is a separator between the two and on the ends they have like little ears or clips that you will be pushing in to hold the memory chips in. These memory chips will only go in one way, one end is longer than the other to the separator. Registered & Protected BJ3Q-UOGF-W0CW-HICS


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