Lets Talk About The “Component Compatibility” Importance

“Component Compatibility” Importance – and don’t forget, if you want to upgrade at a later date.

All system builds require compatible components, in saying that, what I mean is to keep in mind when we purchase components, they all need to fit, form and functions and so on.  Therefore you need to figure out what motherboard you would like first.  Say you want to go with an Asus ATX AMD Motherboard.

Asus ATX AMD motherboard

  • The Asus is the manufacturer of the (PCB) printed circuit board which is configured for the AMD processor.  Which has to match up with the socket on the PCB.
  • The AMD FX-Series Processor  (Socket AM3+  /AM3) is the chipset for the processor CPU, Chipset and Graphics Features. This processor supports that motherboard and socket.
  • This motherboard features the powerful AMD 990FX platform, optimizing PCI express allocation in multiple GPU configurations. The GPU will supply the Nvidia SLI ready Video Card. The PCIe and the PCI slots, you got to make sure you have enough to take what you want. There are different types of video cards that either take one or the other of these slots.
  • SATA connection, how many do you need?  How many components that will use the SATA connection. Such as how many hard drives, cd-roms and so on.  If you decide to get a floppy drive, That cable will come with the motherboard.  The SATA cable comes with it too, I think only two of them.
  • ATX chassis which has to line up and have the correct internal connections.
  • RAM is the same thing, the function and how much you want is going to depend on the slots that are on the PCB to.
  • The Power supplied functions, what’s it going to take to run everything and if you upgrade later on you might want to think of that as well.


Remember this is a Compatibility breakdown, if you would like a brief description of the components I have mentioned, then please see my component page on my website. https://buildyourowncpu.com/component.com


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