With this page, I will be explaining, showing you what the Chassis usually looks like and comes with, while showing you briefly the steps to take to assemble. On the Component page, I showed you a  description of the Chassis and what it is used for.


  1. You really should have a grounding wrist band. These are really not that expensive for what it could save you. You see all electronic components need to be free of static electricity. There are several ways of doing this, however, I myself think just grounding you to the chassis should be okay. That is all I use to do.
  2. Okay, the only tools you will need is an everyday average size Phillips head screwdriver. Note: You might need a nut driver if you have to add stand-off or move them. You shouldn’t have to, they should all be in place for the motherboard to fit. Remember when ordering, you need to make sure they are built for each other.
  3. The Chassis will come with the hardware and some of the harnesses, which will be plugged into the motherboard. Pull the hardware that is in the chassis out and sort all the hardware to each type and size. If the other harnesses are taped or tied to the Chassis, then gently undo them and kinda get them out of the way for installation. Registered & Protected 

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