Chassis Installations_2

Moving on is what we do best! OMG, we are getting close to the finish line! The hard part of building your own cpu is done. We will just be adding the add-on from this point on.  A few more steps and we will have accomplished to build.

  1. The power plug on the latest amd motherboard will usually come with the full 24 pin connector. Therefore you will have to hold the two together to make up the 24 pin.
  2. They normally come with a 4 pin and a 20 pin. Reason being is the PCB could come with a 20 pin socket. The instruction below is showing that they are holding the two together and they are to be plugged where the arrow is showing.
  3. Remember these images will not be the same as your computer parts, but will not steer you wrong. lol Okay take the other 4 pin connector and plug that one in where it is indicated.
  4. I believe on this motherboard it is showing like two places to plug your fans and processor, however, there are more on most motherboards. If you happen to run out which is very possible, you can always jump them off the power supply. Registered & Protected 

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