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This page I will be showing you some of the final steps with Build your own CPU. In the last steps, we went through installing some of the components in the atx amd motherboard. Now, remember when your purchased your components, you order an atx amd motherboard, axt amd processor, and of course an atx chassis. This was to make sure they all came together when manufacturing. So here we go with Step 4 in the process. Let’s remember the static electricity issues it may cause.

  1. The motherboard has a face plate which needs to be installed on the backside of the chassis and the side of the motherboard. Please make sure you do this before installing the motherboard or you will diffidently have some gaps, also the motherboard will have to come out before you can install it.
  2. The hardware that came with the chassis and we told you to sort out in the beginning. You can tell which ones you will be using for tightening the PCB down. They usually give you some extra, however, sometimes they don’t. In the image below you, will see where you need to put this hardware. NOTE: These images will not be the same as the one you have purchased, therefore we are just showing you the basic area.
  3. The desktops computers, chassis always comes installed with the harnesses for your internal sound, USB and led components that operate the computer. Such as the power button has and led light to show you when its powered on. In this image, I showed you where some of these are however you need to open the motherboard manual to determine where they are located. Registered & Protected 

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