About Me

Hi everyone, My name is Donna and I have been interested in “building computers” since I was a child. Just a little humor here “many moons ago”About Donna

Let’s jump right into what I have been up to, which leads me here today.

As I said above it has been a very long time with my interest in computers.  I started out working with the old “DOS” operating system, computer. Wow,  that is old!  Well wouldn’t you know the dinosaur quit.  I really didn’t think I could live without one, therefore I decided to build my own computer.  I had so much pride in manufacturing this right from scratch.

This is why I came to building this site, to teach you how to “Build Your Own Computer”

Now if this captures your interest and you would like to get involved with my site, lets chat and get some feedback in every way!  I want to share this in case someone has as much interest as I do!

Thanks for stopping by, and hope to see you again… Donna

Founder of Build Your Own Computer



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