What Is A Processor In A Computer

  What Is A Processor In A Computer The processor is also known as the CPU, which are the instructions that drive the computer. It is the (Brains) of the computer. This also has been called the microprocessor. The function mainly is responsible for processing and doing computer operations. To identify...
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AMD CPU Motherboard Combo

AMD CPU Motherboard Combo When you build your own computer, the motherboard of the computer would determine the type of CPU that would be applicable or the CPU will be able to dictate the type of motherboard to be used. It is ideal to note that the ATX motherboard...
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Lets Talk About The “Component Compatibility” Importance

“Component Compatibility” Importance – and don’t forget, if you want to upgrade at a later date. All system builds require compatible components, in saying that, what I mean is to keep in mind when we purchase components, they all need to fit, form and functions and so on.  Therefore you...
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Build Your Own CPU Review, My Voice In Pride

My Voice In Pride Owners: Donna E. Piper Email: donnap@buildyourowncpu.com Websites: www.buildyourowncpu.com   Introduction to Build Your Own CPU 1.  This would be my pride and joy, just knowing that I wrote the instructions and anybody could be able to build your own cpu.  I have created a Step...
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The Purpose of the Motherboard

  Central Communication Connection Point The Brain   The motherboard is designed for different types of components, for instance, each manufacturer of the motherboard must take the same manufacturer of the processor. Let us say you purchased AMD (Advance Micro Device) motherboard, then the processor must also be a...
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What I think about building your own CPU

Hello, everybody, All I can say is WOW what an accomplishment! My build your own cpu is done, it took me a little while because I was writing my documentation or instructions so everybody could be able to have the same impression of the accomplishment that I do. I...
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